Eye tracking

Easy, fast, scalable.

Look through the eyes of your customers with Eyezag's online eye tracking solution. Gather real eye tracking results as fast and easy as results from an online survey.

Gather real eye tracking data

Using webcams and Eyezag's revolutionary technology, we can tell where people look on the screen.

Desktop computer with webcam

Reach your target audience

Our state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms extract the same kind of data from a webcam that you would normally get from a conventional eye tracker. All you need is a laptop with a browser – and you have yourself an eye tracking lab.

The online platform follows your workflow and, if you like, assists you with analysis tools like gaze plot, heat map, or opacity map visualizations, areas of interest (AOIs) and more.

Eyezag's online eye tracking platform

Find out why customers behave the way they do.

Design with certainty

Whether for usability/UX tests of small websites or customer insights of large marketing campaigns – stop guessing and find out what is actually seen.

  • Where and why do visitors leave?
  • How can we measure and visualize user experience?
  • Which design leads to the most engagement?

Unlike mouse movement, gaze is generally a subconscious process. Enter the mind of your customers and get answers as to why they behave the way they do.

As simple as an online questionnaire

Forget about week-long eye tracking studies in a lab far, far away.

Ease of Use

There is no need to install any drivers or clunky software suites. Everything you need runs right in your browser – from designing your study to ana­lyzing the results. The same goes for the parti­cipants. Taking part in your study is as simple as opening a website.


Having to invite people to a lab and recording them one by one has always been a bit of a bottle­neck. Now your test subjects can partici­pate in your studies from home, all at once. The study that used to take weeks can now deliver results within days or even hours. Its turnaround time finally matches your pace of development.


Whether you want to test your stimulus on a group of ten people or a thousand doesn’t matter much anymore. Ramping up the size of your study requires little more than a click. Your amount of work remains the same.

Got a suitable project?

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About us

Eyezag is a young startup with a strong technological background, spun off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2014. Its three founders are specialists in computer vision and machine learning. Our state-of-the-art algorithms are the result of several years of research. However, we believe research is only useful when brought to life through application.

  • Dr.-Ing. Boris Schauerte
    Research & Development
    (Certified Professional for Usability and UX)

  • Timo Schneider
    (Certified Professional for Usability and UX)

  • Matthias Lang
    Sales & Distribution

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